Paige & Michael

Ortega River Club



I've known Paige for a few years now through the Graphic Design program at UNF. When I met Michael, I knew right away that they were a match made in heaven. They are both full of personality, they are highly passionate in their faith, and they have a warmth about them that makes you feel welcomed. 




This lovely wedding took place at Ortega River Club in Jacksonville Florida on a beautiful sunny Saturday. The venue is located right on the Ortega River—which makes it a perfect location for a wedding. 




As soon as the reception ended—car packed—these two love birds began their long journey across country to Washington State to start their new life together. 





Paige and Michael, thank you for allowing me to capture your guys' big day. I wish you both the best of luck on your journey together!



The Mighty Konstantin

This was a self made studio shoot that I did of a buddy named Konstantin. We shot in my home in Jacksonville, FL. I used a few clamp lights and a PVC frame with a black curtain backdrop. This was my first time shooting as if I were in a photography studio setting. It was a slight challenge for me because, it was my first time creating drama with artificial light. These are a few of my favorite shots from the portrait shoot. Konstantin is hoping to become a model and he is actively searching to become one. If you or anyone you know is interested in using him as a model, please let me know, and I will direct you to him.